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The Monmouth Civic Chorus
Dr. Ryan Brandau, Artistic Director
Close to Perfect, Close to Home

The Monmouth Civic Chorus Endowment Fund is a supplemental source of income for MCC that helps to underwrite our larger productions and special projects. Contributions become a part of the Fund's principal, and the Fund's income supports MCC's activities. The Endowment Fund is especially appropriate for planned giving, large donations, and memorial and tribute gifts. Performers' chairs may also be permanently endowed. Contributions are tax deductible and matched by many employers, and may be mailed to:

MCC Endowment Fund
PO Box 16
Red Bank, NJ 07701

The Monmouth Civic Chorus Sostenuto Society recognizes individuals and families who have included MCC in their estate plans. To become a Sostenuto Society member, simply inform us that this step has been taken. There is no minimum gift amount, and documentation of the planned gift is not required. Unless otherwise specified, all bequests become part of the MCC Endowment Fund. The following sample clauses may be used in a will or a trust, but should be used only with the advice and assistance of an attorney:

An outright or specific bequest states that a specific dollar amount or percentage of the estate will be given to MCC.
"I give to the Monmouth Civic Chorus, Red Bank, New Jersey, the sum of $_______ (or specify a percentage of the estate)."

A residuary bequest states that the estate will pay all debts, taxes, expenses and specific bequests. The remaining amount – the residue – will be transferred to MCC.
"After my specific bequests have been fulfilled, I give, devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate to the Monmouth Civic Chorus, Red Bank, New Jersey."

A contingent bequest states that MCC will receive all or a portion of an estate only under certain circumstances; e.g., no surviving close family members.
"In the event my (spouse, child, friend – full name) shall predecease me, I leave their share to the Monmouth Civic Chorus, Red Bank, New Jersey."

For further information on the Sostenuto Society or the Endowment Fund, including contributing by credit card and donating securities, call 732-933-9333.